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Brand Development & Logo Design

Your brand.  What does this mean?  It's the experience customers have when doing business with your company.   It's the memory evoked when they hear your business name. 

You want to stand out. 

You need to stand out. 


It's more than a logo.  It reflects who you are and how you want to be remembered when you leave the room.  Think Coco Chanel.  Or Elon Musk.  Both game changers in their industries.  Let's not forget  one of the biggest brands in the world - Coca Cola.  People even call other soft drinks by that name!  That's branding.      


So how does it work?  

It may start with something as simple as a tartan pattern.  Soon, it develops into a full on brand.  Next thing, you're a celebrity!  One of our best case studies is The Kilted Realtor.  He's now been on the radio twice, written about in three magazines and invited to be on Home & Garden Television with one of his listings. 

Get talked about.  Let us help you create your brand.

What can we do for you?

Page 2 of trifold flyer

VRBO flyer

Page 1 of trifold flyer

VRBO Flyer

marios Pizza Restaurant Flyer (1)
Brand Management Professional

Client wanted a personalized header for LinkedIn account at new business.

Sports Bar

Client looking to refresh logo.

Tennick Oilfield Services logo

Oilfield Equipment company located in The Netherlands. They wanted a logo with an Industrial yet stylistic design.

Menzies logo

Menzie is a sect of the clan McMinn. The thistle is the national flower of Scotland. The owners of this property are descendents of the McMinn clan.

The Kilted Realtor website

Branding that has taken off like a rocket! This gent has been written about in 3 real estate magazines and interviewed to be featured on HGTV. This is what branding can do for you!


Gulf Coast Cancer walk team shirt design. Slaying the dragon of cancer - one cell at a time.

The Kilted Realtor's New Logo

The Kilted Realtor - effective branding.

Branding Logo

Client of Scottish heritage. Wanted a logo using his clan's tartan. This brand has now evolved into the Kilted Realtor.

Business Card back design

Client wanted elegant card to reflect her style and also personal interests.

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